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How to protect our malaysian hair extensions ?

We all like the feeling of malaysian hair fresh and clean

But washing hair often or too much can damage your hair and scalp. Because washing hair too much can stop the natural oil producing from your malaysian hair, that’s means your malaysian hair is easy get dehydration , break and splits at the end.

Eating right food is great for your healthy and fantastic for your hair.

Ensuring you get enough nutrition from the food, one of the main produce you can eat to get mink malaysian hair is protein. So we recommend eating some eggs since eggs is the main source of protein.
And never brush your hair with wet comb, as it can damage your hair extremely. You can comb your hair with your hand or wide tooth comb when your is wet.

Some girl is lucky enough that we can dry our hair naturally without styling it after shower. But for others, leaving your hair in natural after wash can be end of frizzy, impossible to tame. You find yourself spend hrs styling, straighten and it not work.
mink malaysian hair

One of the biggest culprits of frizz is dehydration

Hair become dehydration have many reasons, from not drinking enough water daily to excessive washing your hair with hash products. And we are all beach wave sucker during holidays, salt from seawater sucks moisture from your hair.

To avoid your hair excessive damage during holiday and your hair packed essential oil, we highly recommended spend some time every week for applying deep conditioning treatment. Stick with natural products such as coconut oil or argan oil, apply the oil to freshly wet washed hair with a wide tooth comb leave for around 15 minutes, then rinse off.

If you have malaysian hair extensions, we advise only stick the oil products apply to the end of your hair , oil near your root is likely to cause your bond flip, limiting the longevity of your hair extensions. Not only does, in particular, coconuts oil can make your hair feel like silk, and it also doubles up like natural hair SPF, greatly reducing your hair damage from sun’s UV ray.

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