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How to quick blow dry your malaysian hair bundles ?

Every office workers to say, every morning will shampoo their Malaysian hair bundles the means need salve sleeping time to dry hair. It is very suffering thing, the important thing is wet hair will affect your health and hair, will damage your malaysian hair bundles leading  shed and easily break off. So let’s read on blow some tips to learn how to blow dry your hair .

Shake off your Malaysian hair bundles water.

Try shake out of your hair as soon as you finished wash hair to cut down on dry time. You can gently shake off your head about one minute .

2.Towel-dry with a microfiber towel.

Microfiber towel easy dry water, when you finished shower as soon as possible use towel to encase your full hair.This way when you clearing your body, the water is not wet your hair again, in the meantime, the towel will absorb your hair water.

3. A full head divide hair to a small section and to dry

If you use a towel to dry you all hair, will waste your large time. So divide your hair too many small section hair and to dry it. It is very easy for you .you keep use towel to dry it until your hair water left about 20-30%  and stop use towel to dry.

4. Keep the head moving.

When you used a towel to dry your hair, you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair. But please remember you need to keep the head moving , never let heat remain stagnant. As this can be let hair damaged, a good rules of thumb – continued move the head from hair top to ends .

5. Use quick-dry products.

Right, use quick dry product can let your hair dry fast and protect your hair long time use hair dryer damaged.

Buy better tools about Malaysian hair bundles.

If your budget enough, you can order better dry tools about Malaysian hair bundles. The latest high-tech dryer will salve large time and can protect your malaysian hair bundles healthy.
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