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The Malaysian Hair Care Tips For Hair Tags:

There have many customers for wholesale prefer to make hair labels and tags with their unique logo. usually, there have many normal words, show the tips to care the Malaysian hair.but for many customers, they like to see these tips, so make the tips more useful, also is one way to leave a good impression to your customers.

Here are some short necessary Malaysian hair care tips, which is suit for tags, hope this is helpful.

1, brush hair every day gently by the wide-tooth comb. if hair is tangled, comb the hair from the bottom first.
2, don’t wash hair frequently. wash hair per two days or more time.
3, choose high-quality shampoo and conditioner, remember conditioner is more important. the shampoo that’s sulfate-free is advised.
4, Rinse the conditioner off with cold water because it is nice for each strength and shine.
5, try to keep away from any heat.air dry is better.if you need to buy a dryer, then sent with a cold or warm setting instead of a hot setting.
6, do hair mask is necessary, do deep condition timely.
7, Using Oil to protect hair from tangle and frizzy.
8, Avoid hot water for it will let the hair dry and brittle.
9, don’t brush the wet hair as it is weaker than dry hair.
10, Never brush curly hair, if it tangles, try to comb my fingers.
11, choose a T-shirt or microfiber towel instead of a regular towel.
12, Apply frizz control products for sleek hair as needed.
13, treat or dye the hair sparingly, not too often.
14, Use the heat protect when by heat.
15, wrapping hair in a silk scarf.
16, adding enough moisture by more ways.wash is one way, but take care times.
17, Reduce chemical process, for dye and bleach.
18, Avoid over styling.
There has more details need to care for each tip, normal tips are for comb, wash, dry and dye bleach the hair, as this is the normal way customers do to these tips may be easy to find.if possible, find more useful different tips will be better.
Try to let customers know the tips and always treat hair according to these tips, not only let customers have more soft and lovely hair, let hair last long time, but also build a friendly relationship with customers.
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