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Why Your Blonde Hair Extensions Are Changing Color

Blonde hair extension is a very popular and fashion color.

You have invested in a new set of extensions. You went to the salon to consult it with your stylist and she colors matched your natural hair. But you notice something after a couple of weeks that the color have some difference compared to before. They are turning orange or pink. How could this happen? Don’t worry, there isn’t an issue with the hair extensions, and the reason is very simple. Then the following will share some reason why your blonde hair extension goes to change.
When blonde hair extensions change to pink or orange it is from a chemical reaction that causes blonde hair to go dark after a while.
All reason comes down to violet and/or ash pigments.

When blonde hair is colored, violet and ash pigments are added to keep warm tones.

Slowly, duo to you clean your hair over the weeks, you will begin to wash away the violet and ash pigments. normally this process is pretty slow, so by the time you are back to the salon, you can apply a toner, or you can use a purple shampoo to keep your blonde color.

Also, have some other factors that can accelerate the color changing process.

Naturally, Chlorine from swimming pool water, minerals from shower water, salt water, exposure to sun, all have the ability to strip away those violet and ash pigments.
When exposed to the above mentioned, the violet and ash pigments will be removed gradually, like it would from the non-extension hair. Revealing the natural warm tones and leaving an orange or pink tone.
So if you find your hair extensions have changed in color, it’s not as serious an issue as you probably thought. It’s more or less the exact same problem anyone with blonde hair has to go through when preventing fade, the process has just been sped up from the higher level of natural warm pigment.
All you need to do is use a toner with professionals only or some purple shampoo to help redeposit some violet and ash pigments.
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