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How to make your hair looks longer ?

A good haircut can add extra points to your image. And a hair color that suits your skin tone can make you more attractive. Balayage or mixed color and ombre are very popular now. But trying to get a nice color is very complicated, And frequent dying can damage your hair, let your hair look like unhealthy, Shedding and tangle problems gradually, So today we are going to learn how to maintain your hair and keep it healthy.

Use a care product specially made for hair dyeing.

To begin, one in every of the primary product that ladies UN agency color treat their hair ought to use may be a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically catered for colored hair. It’s necessary that the hair product you utilize align along with your hair’s wants, to ensure that washing and lathering up your hair is providing all the benefits it possibly can. It is best to choose a care product containing pure natural substances, do not contain alcohol or chemical ingredients. Although these products can make your hair better in a short time, it will damage your hair. Choosing a product that contains moisturizing ingredients will make your hair look shiny and supple

Hair Mask.

Your hair is as delicate as your skin, You do facial masks every week, so you should also do facial masks for your hair. Use hair mask care as part of your daily care.

Dietary respect.

The food you eat includes a correlational statistics with however your skin, nails, and hair look and feel. Ever notice however your skin glows once you nourish it with countless water and clean foods? It’s more important than you’d think to keep a clean, healthy diet if you want your hair to look healthy and smooth. A good diet can make your body healthier, so your hair also good.

Good hair habits

Good hair care or lifestyle will keep your hair shiny and supple, because when you are regularly color treating your hair, how to care hair is a key point. if you obey what we say and have beautiful hair.
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Winter hair care tips

During winter, the dry and cold air can let hair dry, frizz, static and lack its shine looking. Which is really we don’t want.

So how to minimize the effects and keep our hair shiny? Follows the next steps will be helpful.


In the colder months, the warm heating indoor can take hair moisture out, let hair dry. So for this, using leave-in conditioners and deep masts can replenish the moisture, let hair soft and shiny.

2, Prevent the static electricity.

It is normal the hair will fly away by static electricity. A simple tip is to keep an anti-static laundry dryer sheet, very simple and effective.

3, Avoid wash hair too often.

Wash hair can take hair natural oil, which is especially needed in the colder months. Try to wash hair less, the less, the better. Also, dry shampoo is necessary to keep your hair looks fresh.

Of course, conditioner is useful way is to rinse the hair with conditioner only, skipping the shampoo altogether.

4, Don’t rush out the door with wet hair.

Expose wet hair too cold temperature may freeze it and damage the hair, then cause breakage. If you need to go out with wet hair, protect your hair from the weather by tucking it underneath your scarf and hat.

5, Resist the dullness.

During the dry and cold conditions, the hair will look avoid this. One way is using some quality products to boost the hair shine.another, is a more natural way, is to use the good old apple cider vinegar. That will make your hair looks shinier.

All in all, don’t choose the products with silicone, sulfate, and alcohol, to avoid hair dry.conditioning masks is always necessary. Even it is cold, avoid blow drying and applying heat as much as possible during the winter is also advised.

As during the winter, your hair exposed to the hard conditions quite a lot. So only needs to pay special attention to it by keeping it nourished, protected and moisturized.

For care tips, there all has the same purpose, no matter tips for summer or winter, for wash or dry, is keep the moisture of hair. Just always follow the hair care tips no matter the time. You will get long time hair extensions, as well as your own natural hair.
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How to care your hair during summer?

During summer, we need to care more about our hair as it will cause more problems than another season due to the hot weather. Here are some solutions to solve the problems you may have.

1, greasy roots

As the sun is so hot, so it is easy to sweat, then let our hair root greasy.

For this, you can get the dry shampoo and cold hair dryer. when you feel your head is a little greasy, spay the dry shampoo to the hair will dry up the grease and sweat.

After this, you can blow out your hair roots with cold hair dryer.this can dry up any extra moisture on the scalp.

2, Faded, Sun-damaged hair.

The sun’s UV also has much damage to our hair, let hair get weaker, easy to tangle.

Wearing hats, or headscarves will protect the hair from the hurt by the sun’s UV.that will be the best way to protect hair.

Apply a deep conditioner with SPF to your scalp, and use a UV protection spray on the ends of your hair, to protect your hair.

Summer is a good season to leave out any hot tools. as your hair can easily dry by air.also instead of curling your hair, try to apply some sea salt spray for waves.

3, more frizzy hair.

During summer, the hot weather will let our hair more frizz, especially for thicker and curly hair.

Choosing the right hair products for summer hair–the shampoo and conditioners with hair oil, pomade, serums.this will let your hair frizz-free.after by shampoo and conditioner, you can follow with hair serum to tame way any remaining frizz. also, keep a small bottle of hair oil in case any hair frizz.

4, Saltwater and Chlorine Damage.

Swimming is necessary for a hot day. but the salt water and chlorine can do a ton of damage to hair.salt water can let your hair dryer, and the chlorine also can cause the hair dry, let your dyed hair turn to green.

The ways to solve this is wash hair before and after swimming, do a hair mask at least once a week.

After washing from salt water, you’d better rinse your hair soon. using a hydrating conditioner, let hair full with moisture.

5, damage by dyed your hair.

With beautiful hair for swimming, vacation during summer is a thing most girls want to do. while it does have damage to your hair.and the faded is a big problem.

Remember to try the color protecting hair is necessary to protect your colored hair well. check the PH level, so sure it is between 4.5-5.5, so can prevent fade. the products with oils, sea kelp or algae also can protect the lock your hair color.
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The Malaysian Hair Care Tips For Hair Tags:

There have many customers for wholesale prefer to make hair labels and tags with their unique logo. usually, there have many normal words, show the tips to care the Malaysian hair.but for many customers, they like to see these tips, so make the tips more useful, also is one way to leave a good impression to your customers.

Here are some short necessary Malaysian hair care tips, which is suit for tags, hope this is helpful.

1, brush hair every day gently by the wide-tooth comb. if hair is tangled, comb the hair from the bottom first.
2, don’t wash hair frequently. wash hair per two days or more time.
3, choose high-quality shampoo and conditioner, remember conditioner is more important. the shampoo that’s sulfate-free is advised.
4, Rinse the conditioner off with cold water because it is nice for each strength and shine.
5, try to keep away from any heat.air dry is better.if you need to buy a dryer, then sent with a cold or warm setting instead of a hot setting.
6, do hair mask is necessary, do deep condition timely.
7, Using Oil to protect hair from tangle and frizzy.
8, Avoid hot water for it will let the hair dry and brittle.
9, don’t brush the wet hair as it is weaker than dry hair.
10, Never brush curly hair, if it tangles, try to comb my fingers.
11, choose a T-shirt or microfiber towel instead of a regular towel.
12, Apply frizz control products for sleek hair as needed.
13, treat or dye the hair sparingly, not too often.
14, Use the heat protect when by heat.
15, wrapping hair in a silk scarf.
16, adding enough moisture by more ways.wash is one way, but take care times.
17, Reduce chemical process, for dye and bleach.
18, Avoid over styling.
There has more details need to care for each tip, normal tips are for comb, wash, dry and dye bleach the hair, as this is the normal way customers do to these tips may be easy to find.if possible, find more useful different tips will be better.
Try to let customers know the tips and always treat hair according to these tips, not only let customers have more soft and lovely hair, let hair last long time, but also build a friendly relationship with customers.
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