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How to care your hair during summer?

During summer, we need to care more about our hair as it will cause more problems than another season due to the hot weather. Here are some solutions to solve the problems you may have.

1, greasy roots

As the sun is so hot, so it is easy to sweat, then let our hair root greasy.

For this, you can get the dry shampoo and cold hair dryer. when you feel your head is a little greasy, spay the dry shampoo to the hair will dry up the grease and sweat.

After this, you can blow out your hair roots with cold hair dryer.this can dry up any extra moisture on the scalp.

2, Faded, Sun-damaged hair.

The sun’s UV also has much damage to our hair, let hair get weaker, easy to tangle.

Wearing hats, or headscarves will protect the hair from the hurt by the sun’s UV.that will be the best way to protect hair.

Apply a deep conditioner with SPF to your scalp, and use a UV protection spray on the ends of your hair, to protect your hair.

Summer is a good season to leave out any hot tools. as your hair can easily dry by air.also instead of curling your hair, try to apply some sea salt spray for waves.

3, more frizzy hair.

During summer, the hot weather will let our hair more frizz, especially for thicker and curly hair.

Choosing the right hair products for summer hair–the shampoo and conditioners with hair oil, pomade, serums.this will let your hair frizz-free.after by shampoo and conditioner, you can follow with hair serum to tame way any remaining frizz. also, keep a small bottle of hair oil in case any hair frizz.

4, Saltwater and Chlorine Damage.

Swimming is necessary for a hot day. but the salt water and chlorine can do a ton of damage to hair.salt water can let your hair dryer, and the chlorine also can cause the hair dry, let your dyed hair turn to green.

The ways to solve this is wash hair before and after swimming, do a hair mask at least once a week.

After washing from salt water, you’d better rinse your hair soon. using a hydrating conditioner, let hair full with moisture.

5, damage by dyed your hair.

With beautiful hair for swimming, vacation during summer is a thing most girls want to do. while it does have damage to your hair.and the faded is a big problem.

Remember to try the color protecting hair is necessary to protect your colored hair well. check the PH level, so sure it is between 4.5-5.5, so can prevent fade. the products with oils, sea kelp or algae also can protect the lock your hair color.
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How to let your malaysian hair extension looks natural?

Malaysian Hair extension is the necessary beauty products for most customers and by it. Believe no one wants to let others find you are wearing the Malaysian hair extensions. so, we have some steps to let the hair Malaysian hair extensions look natural.

1, choose the suit thickness Malaysian hair extensions

When you have thinner or fine hair, you need less Malaysian hair extensions. If your hair is thick, you need to choose lots of hair extensions to match the density, to looks. it is your own thick hair. Also if you have short hair, you need lots of hair extension to cover up your short layers.

2, get the perfect color match for your hair and the extensions

Usually, you can choose the hair extension color about 2-3 shades darker or lighter from your own hair color. if you have a unique hair, match the hair extension color to your own hair ends color, not the root color. and when your unique color can’t find the available hair extensions. you need to purchase the lightest blonde hair #60. then dye it to the color same with your own hair.
Most customers can opt for one to three colors to induce the proper color mix.

3, wear the hair extensions by different length

As our natural hair has natural layers. so after you get the long hair with hair extensions. you need a completely different length to make the natural layer, not simply the same length.

4, choose the high-quality human hair extensions

The prime quality hair is that the hair cut from one the hair just like our own hair can be washed and styled. so the real Remy quality hair will look more natural, not solely they’ll keep its original state when wash and dye, not become frizzy and matte, but also can last longer.

5, get a professional hairstylist

The stylist will cut and mix hair extensions to the most effective. a professional stylist has all the tricks, they will do the hair extensions to make them look 100% natural.
First, choose the suit hair extensions, for hair extensions sorts, length, colors.then after you put in the important natural hair extensions, also got to take excellent care of the hair, like wash dry method, all have to defend the hair extensions. after this, you will have the 100 percent natural hair extensions for the extended time.
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