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The Different Method You Can Choose For Hair Extensions.

Getting the Malaysian hair extension for the first time with a new hairstylist is an exciting and scary experience. Apart from hair materials, the way you put hair on the head can impact the durability and longevity the hair extensions. So you need to choose a skilled specialist to install them. And it can influence the way you maintenance hair extension. How it looks on your head.

Clip in hair extension:

You might have been recommended by your stylist about Remy hair extensions. It usually made by natural hair, but they are treated with chemicals or have been exposed to dye by the individuals who donated them. If you are looking for cheap price hair extension it cost less than virgin hair.

Bonded hair extensions:

Fusion hair extension including a process makes use of keratin to your own hair. This process is either cold pressure or heat applied, so you need work with a skilled stylist to operate this process, otherwise it can damage your own hair. The result from bonded hair extension can last 3~4 months, but improper care can shorten the life span of your bonded hair. And fusion hair extension is most expensive than other hair extensions, and it’s really time-consuming, and it can give you more natural looking hair. The cost is justified.

Traditional Weaves:

Traditional weaves are the most inexpensive options when you choose semi-permanent hair extensions. Your hair first braided, and weaves are then sewed into your braids. Weaves usually last 3-4 months, and normally checkup is necessary to make sure your scalp is in good condition.
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When choosing hair extensions always pick method what you are comfortable with. And work with a stylist is well versed with the method you want. Poor aftercare can make your hair extension fall easily, even it’s fusion hair. Good aftercare, coupled with the good method and good quality hair extensions can mean you can easily wear your hair extension more than 4-6 months without worry about scalp irritations. Hair fall even degradation of keratin bonded.

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