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What’s the difference between remy, non-remy and malaysian virgin hair extension?

For Malaysian hair extension, when referring to hair quality, customers usually describe the hair by Remy, non-Remy and Malaysian virgin hair. So what’s the difference?

First, for Remy hair extension.

That’s most customers looking for, as it means the best quality hair. Last for longer than other hair extensions, tangle free.

Remy hair extensions mean the hair is full cuticle. And all cuticles have same directions, like own hair, from root to ends. The cuticles keep hair smooth, shiny, strong, played a certain role to protect the hair lifespan is much longer. The same directions let hair tangle free. As it is obvious, if directions are not the same, the hair will easily tangle, matted.

All best quality hair is Remy hair extensions, but the aftercare for hair is important as well. otherwise, the hair will not good if not take care of, even for best quality Remy’s hair.
Malaysian natural wave hair

Non-Remy hair has removed the cuticles by acid process.

The hair is not cut from one donor, is selected by many donors. The hair material quality is not as good as Remy’s hair. that cause the non-Remy hair is much cheaper than Remy hair extensions.

So to let non-Remy hair looks more acceptable, usually will process the hair, let hair soft, silky like Remy hair.customers may tell Remy’s hair and non-Remy hair at the beginning.but after wash sometimes, the non-Remy hair maybe become dry and dull. while Remy hair still keeps the beginning states.

Customers who need hair for some occasions can try the non-Remy hair, and usually, clip in hair is made by non-Remy hair, as the clip in hair not always wears, so the hair can keep its good state for a long time.

For Malaysian virgin hair extensions

Means the hair not processed by the chemical process, color and bleach process. So the hair will be softer and shinier. So the hair will be what the origin hair be. For it, needs to avoid the hair which its donor’s hair is dry, dull. For Malaysian virgin Russian hair extensions, the available color is dark brown to light brown, not has many choices.

So for other colors. Customers will choose colored hair extension, which is more popular for various hair colors, can meet most customers’ need. if care the Remy colored hair extensions well, it will like Malaysian virgin hair, soft and smooth.

Knowing the hair extensions quality well can help to find the best quality hair from sales. everyone deserves to have the highest quality hair.

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